If you'd like a style of grill like any you see below, please refer to the grill number when ordering.


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Custom Grill 1

32x64x16 15in. Pot holder


Custom Grill 2

Charcoal and Propane gas; 58.5x44 Grilling surface; Charcoal rack 59x28.5

Custom Grill 3

Charcoal & Propane gas; Top rack 43x12; Grilling surface 59x25.5; Charcoal rack 55x18

Custom Grill 4

Charcoal & Propane gas; Top surface 58.5x16.75; Grilling surface 58.5x42; Charcoal rack 56x16

Custom Grill 5

Propane gas 56x25.5

Custom Grill 6

Charcoal & Propane gas; Top rack 66.5x13; Bottom rack 61.5x25.5; Charcoal rack 53.5x16

Custom Grill 7

Propane gas; Top rack 58.5x16.75; Grilling surface 58.5x42

Custom Grill 8

Propane gas; Top rack 58.5x16.75; Grilling surface 58.5x42

Custom Grill 9

Propane gas 59x44

Custom Grill 10

Propane gas 39x28.75

Custom Grill 11

Propane gas; Top rack 39.5x16; Griling surface 39.5x28.75

Custom Grill 12

Charcoal & Propane gas; Grilling surface 40x26.5; Charcoal rack 21.5x25

Custom Grill 13

Propane gas; Top rack 39.5x16; Grilling surface 39.5x28.75

Custom Grill 14

Charcoal; Grilling surface 34.5x31.5; Charcoal rack 38x20.5

Custom Grill 15

Charcoal & Propane gas; Grilling surface 43x26; Charcoal rack 26x24

Custom Grill 16

Charcoal & Propane gas; Grilling surface 39x28.75; Charcoal rack 39x20.5

Custom Grill 17

Propane gas 42.5x26.5

Custom Grill 18

Charcoal & Propane gas; Grilling surface 39x28.75; Charcoal rack 39x20.5

Custom Grill 19

32x64x16 15in. Pot holder

Custom Grill 20

Propane gas; Top surface 31x30.5; Grilling surface 41.75x30.5

Custom Grill 21

Charcoal; three (3) 29x44 Flipping grilling surfaces; two (2) charcoal doors (one (1) on each side 30x44)

Custom Grill 22

Propane gas; 40x26.5

Custom Grill 23

5x8 Trailer mounted,charcoal and propane gas with fire box and push botton igniter also two front mounted fryer.Fire box 25x17x17,charcoal grill surface 40x29,charcoal rack 28x35 ash tray 34x22.Propane grill surface(top)31x33 (bottom)31x42.

Custom Grill 24

Fish fryer with portable gas grill.(Propane cylinder 16oz disposable) 2 15inch burner.Size 41x16x37.Grill 190 sq.inch surface

Custom Grill 25

4/6 Trailer mounted all charcoal.Grill surface 53x41, 2 ea.charcoal and ash trays on both sides.charcoal racks size 33x29 ash trays 29x24

Custom Grill 26

Cozy Floyds(Easter)

All charcoal. Grilling surface size 35x33,Removable top rack 26x18

Charcoal tray 36x28,Ash tray 36x22.Winch lift

Custom Grill 27

Propane gas.Top rack 58.5 x16.75.Grilling surface 58.5 x42.(Grill number 8 make over)

Custom Grill 28

Charcoal and propane gas.Top rack 20.5 x56 Grilling surface 56x41.Two charcoal racks with ash trays,28.5x30.Two 15 inch fryers (Grill number 2 make over)

Custom Grill 29

Gas grill,side mounted fryer,shock mounted lid,temp. gage,cooking surface 46x28 (bottom)( top rack ) fold when close 45x13 side rack 28x1

Custom Grill 30

STINKEY(Jason Grill)Wood Burning Grill.

Trly.Mounted 4x7.Wood tray 24x31 2 each,23x7 door on each side,grilling surface bottom racks 2 each 27x42,top rack 56x21,shock mounted lid,temp.gage,warmer box 16x20x25,2 each warming trays 21x16 with gas burner

Custom Grill 31

Propane Gas Grill 

Grilling surface38Lx18W,temp.gage,shock mounted lid,removable stand on wheels 42Lx21Wx20T.

Custom Grill 32

Triple Treat.

Charcoal,propane gas and smoker.Trailer mounted.Temp.gage.15inch side burner.Smoker 24L x 16 W with ash tray and 2 racks for wood.2 42 1/2 L x 29 W bottom grades.2 removable top grade 19 1/2 L x 28 W.Charcoal / Wood racks 35L x 22 W.Ash Tray 40 L x 18 W.Door open 53 L x 30 W.

Custom Grill 33

Trailer mounted 4x6

Charcoal and propane gas.Shock mounted lid,temp.gage,2 removable grilling surface 28 1/2 wide 39 1/2 long,charcoal rack 36 1/2 long 23 1/2 wide,ash tray 37 1/2 long 23 1/2 wide,side mounted fish fryer,2 propane burner 60 inches long,charcoal door 24 x 11 and racks around the grill.

Custom Grill 34

Charcoal Grill,cooking surface 45 1/2 long x 27 wide,ash tray 23 1/2 long x 18 1/2 wide,charcoal tray 22 1/2 long x 18 wide,charcoal door 19 inches long x 10 inches high,temperature gage and shock mounted lid.

Custom Grill 35

Propane gas grill,grilling surface 38 long x 18 wide,temperature gage,shock mounted lid.

Custom Grill 36

Charcoal grill.Temp. gage,shock mounted lid,bottom grilling surface 23 1/2 L X 21 W,Top rack 21 L X 8 W removable,charcoal rack 28 1/2 L X 13 W, ash tray 29 L X 13 W

Custom Grill 37

Charcoal and propane grill,temp gage,bottom cooking surface 42 1/2 L X 27 W,top rack 35 L X 27 1/2 W,charcoal rack 27 1/2 L X 23 1/2 W,ash tray 28 1/2 L X 24 W,double doors

Custom Grill 38

Charcoal grill,temp.gage,15 inch side mounted fryer,top rack 37 1/2 L X 7 W,bottom cooking surface 37 L X 17 W,charcoal tray 18 L X 17 W,ash tray 15 1/2 L X 14 1/2 W and a umbrella holder

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